EBIO workshop at EUBCE 2022

EBIO presented Electrochemical routes for bio-liquids transformation at this year’s EUBCE. Biomass conversion into chemicals, fuels and materials is seen as essential pillar of the future green society. In combination with electricity production from renewable energy, this can lead to highly sustainable, CO2 neutral process configurations. Electrochemistry enables the conversion of bio-based streams at mild conditions. This minimises degradation and enables the process integration of bio liquid production and upgrading at the feedstock source.

In this session, recorded at EUBCE 2022, recent developments within the H2020 project EBIO and the topically closely related H2020 projects LIBERATE and Selectively are presented. Based on lab scale studies new insights into the fundamental reaction mechanisms will be discussed during the first two presentations. The session will conclude with a presentation focussing on the design and operation of a pilot unit for electrochemical lignin conversion and product separation.

Chairs: Roman Tschentscher, Emma Fromant
– Presentation 1: Oxidative lignin depolymerization

Presenter: Sigi Waldvogel
– Presentation 2: Kolbe oxidation of acetic acid: challenges and opportunities for biomass upgrading

Presenter: Bastian Mei
– Presentation 3: Electrochemical hydrogenation of butanal and crotonaldehyde on copper surfaces

Presenter: Guido Mul

Watch the recording here: https://youtu.be/d7AuRiIlFdU

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