EBIO Presented at NWO Chains annual Dutch chemistry conference

On behalf of Ebio, Talal Ashraf presented a poster at NWO Chains annual Dutch chemistry conference (Homepage – NWO Chains) on the 21st and  22nd of September.
Poster Title: Boron doped diamond assisted electrochemical decarboxylation of carboxylic acids into alcohols and esters via Hofer Moest reaction

Electrochemical decarboxylation of carboxylic acids proceeds through the Kolbe/non-Kolbe pathway on platinum electrode nearby to potential range of oxygen evolution reaction (OER). Boron doped Diamond (BBD) is an inert and stable electrode with a large oxygen overpotential and can promote decarboxylation without competitive OER. Due to BDD’s inertness, the homo coupling reaction is inhibited by the direct discharge of acetic acid along with the presence of hydroxyl radicals by the water discharge. The reaction pathway proceeds through indirect electron transfer between OH and alkyl radicals yielding methanol as the main product of the Hofer Moest reaction.BDD proved to be a choice of electrode for Hofer Moest reaction with high current efficiency.

The poster can be downloaded here.

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